Sergio Armaroli, Riccardo Sinigaglia
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Descrizione: his relation between music and life is crucial for the musicians. As stated by Sergio, improvisation is successful when there is mutual confidence and trust. “We recorded our first Tecrit in 2013-4; the present recording, entirely live, means a complete freedom of improvisation. We agreed on some references and some modal scales, but we performed a suite born from our years-long friendship”. Riccardo joins in, and affirms: “Improvising together has the beautiful aspects of the human relationship. When one improvises solo, unavoidably the usual patterns start to appear: I express myself, my language and my way of being. When improvising together, instead, one has to be open to changes. Ensemble players change each other; ideas are thrown to the other and received back, and new itineraries (unexpected ones, frequently more lively and interesting) are discovered. The pleasure of playing together is crucial: I don’t wish to be the leader of the improvisation, there must be equality. This is an important philosophical message: this music has not a composer and a performer, but is composed jointly, sharing, on the spur of the moment, the experiences of all”. The musicians thus invite the listeners to join in this circle of communion. “We played without stylistic constraints”, states Sergio; “I was simply listening to what Riccardo was doing and dialoguing with him. We both tried to transcend stylistic stereotypes, and we invite our audience to simply listen to this flow of harmony and sound. It is an organized sound, though one beyond every stylistic definition”. Riccardo concludes thus: “For us, what matters most when we play is to listen carefully to each other. This is extremely beautiful for me. It is a form of communion with the people you are playing with. It is a spiritual enrichment”. Album Notes by Chiara Bertoglio
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