John Cage: Complete Percussion Works, Four4 EmptyWordsPercussionEnsemble
con Sergio Armaroli, Maurizio Ben Omar, Andrea Dulbecco, Elio Marchesini
Numero di catalogo discografico CD00111, Da Vinci Classics 2018

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Descrizione: Composto nel 1991, un anno prima della sua morte, e presentato a New York nella calda estate del 1992, Four4 è l'ultima composizione per percussioni di John Cage ed è stato scritto appositamente per essere registrato su CD, per questo motivo la durata di 72 minuti.
Questa è probabilmente la prima composizione mai concepita e scritta per il nuovo supporto che in quel periodo stava sostituendo il vecchio LP.
Composed in 1991, a year before his death, and premiered in New York in a hot summer of 1992, Four4 is the last composition by John Cage for percussions and it was written especially to be recorded to CD, hence its duration of 72 minutes. This is most probably the first composition ever conceived and written for the newly-born support that in that period was substituting the old LP. Written close John Cage’s eightieth birthday, a composer, philosopher, writer and artist considered as the most eminent figure in the avant-garde music system, and surely the most purely gifted among several other composers that attempt at a various way to approach to a new music concept, Four4 is part of a bigger project named “Number Pieces” which occupied Cage’s time between 1987 and 1992 and were developed thanks to a new writing software created by Andrew Culver, his long-time assistant. This new system enabled Cage to write music very quickly to fulfill the increasing request for new original music from performers all over the world. Each work’s title consists only of a number written out as a word (One, Two, etc.) and indicates the number of performers for which the piece was composed. The titles of the composition Four4 is composed by two parts indeed, the first part related to the performers and the second, a superscript numeral, that explain the number of the series, so we can read the title as Four written for the fourth time. The "first" Four it was for string quartet (1989), the "second" Four4 is for chorus (1990), the "third" Four is for 2 piano and violin (1991) and the fourth "Four" (1991) is the composition presented in this cd. Other two “Four” (for saxophone and another for unspecified instruments) were written before his die. Extract Booklet Text by Edmondo Filippini

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