Muzio CLEMENTI: Piano Music - 5 Variations on a Minuet by Mr. Collick / The Black Joke / Musical Characteristics
fortepiano Nicholas Rimmer
Numero di catalogo discografico 8.573957, Naxos 2020


Descrizione: Muzio Clementi’s legacy to pianists lies not only in his teaching studies and in his exploration of new levels of virtuosity, but in compositions that were widely admired by contemporaries such as Beethoven. This album explores a variety of pieces, a number of which focus on variations. ‘The Black Joke’ was a popular English tune garnished by Clementi with 21 successive variations. Musical Characteristics captures the styles of leading figures of the time, including Mozart, Haydn and Koželuch, while the Variations on ‘Batti, batti’ is a virtuoso transcription. Nicholas Rimmer plays on an original fortepiano made in Clementi’s own workshop around 1806.

Durata: 01:18:19
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