BDCI - Italian Composers Data Base


The idea of setting-up a Databank of Italian Composers (BDCI - Banca Dati dei Compositori Italiani) originated with the publication of ITACO (CIDIM 1987) and became the first catalogue realized expressly for Italian contemporary music.

The BDCI undertook to document and promote the cognizance of Italian contemporary music, of its composers and their works, through a complete and updated service of information by means of direct contacts, consultation sources and the search and insertion of recent composers.

The information catalogued covers the Italian composers, their personal data, biographical notes and description of the works for which exist printed editions and/or record releases, performances and/or recordings, performer reviews, composition competition results and bibliographical notes; altogether a tapestry of Italian contemporary music not only as it is actually, but also in its historical evolution.

The system permits the user to retrieve easily and intuitively information on:
-  the composer;
-  year of birth;
-  list of works;
-  date of composition;
-  interpreters of first performances and recordings;
-  roles in first performances and recordings.

A search engine is available for specific requests.

Please do not hesitate to contact the editorial office for your comments and/or suggestions. Download the attachments that interest you and return them duly compiled to the editorial office.



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