As a centre of musical documentation, CIDIM has dedicated itself to promoting and furthering the preservation, development and dissemination of information relative to any asset of musical and musicological interest in Italy through the planning and creation of its own data banks.

BDMI – Italian Music Data Bank
The data bank permits accessing all  information relative to the world of classical music in Italy:  name, address, telephone, fax, email, website, description of institutional bodies, national music associations, production and distribution systems, competitions, instrumentalists, singers, ensembles, orchestras, operators in the field of music, publishers and mass media, service facilities, agencies of formation, research and preservation of cultural assets, international musical institutions and organizations.
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BDCI – Italian Composers Data Bank
The data bank permits accessing the works, catalogues and personal data of Italian contemporary composers as well as festivals and concert series, publications, recordings, composition courses and competitions, links to institutions, research centres, sound archives, instrumentalists.
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Etnomusical Archive of Mediterranean
The archive of Mediterranean musical folklore, in particular Sicilian, includes material from the Folkstudio of Palermo, CIMS-Centre of Sicilian Music Initiatives, Department of Cultural Assets of Palermo University (Echos Collection), “Michele Palminteri” Cultural Association, “Antonio Pasqualino” International Puppet Museum and private collections.