Ricerche sulla musica
L’Early Music Revival ‘alla napolitana’. Antonio Florio e il suono del barocco partenopeo
di Tommaso Rossi
I Quaderni Associazione Alessandro Scarlatti

ISBN 9788855430807
Collana: I Quaderni della Scarlatti - Nuova serie 2-2020, LIM Editrice srl, Lucca 2021

pp. 214 - 17×24, € 7,00

The essay wants to study the contribution made by Antonio Florio and by the ensemble he founded to the musicological and interpretative research on the Neapolitan musical Baroque, in the more general context of the rediscovery of the Neapolitan repertoire of the ’600 and ’700, a phenomenon, which, in various forms, marked the musical history of Naples in the 20th century. In a context in which the constant revision and reinterpretation of the past has characterized the experience of many protagonists of Neapolitan musical life (starting with Roberto De Simone), Florio’s approach, solid from a philological point of view and extremely original from the interpretative point of view, represents an excellence at an international level and a reference for the entire Italian movement of Early Music Revival.

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